Daniel Ricciardo says he was expecting Red Bull's appeal against his exclusion from the Australian Grand Prix to fail.

Following a hearing on Monday the FIA's International Court of Appeal upheld the stewards' decision to exclude Ricciardo for constantly exceeding the maximum fuel flow limit during the race in Melbourne. That confirmed the loss of 18 points for second place, but Ricciardo said he was prepared for the appeal to be unsuccessful.

"Obviously a little bit disappointed but at the same time I had moved on already," Ricciardo said. "I think Sunday night in Melbourne the damage was already done and I went from a big high to a pretty big low, so I'd sort of already moved on.

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"I hoped but didn't really expect too much to come from it. So that's it. I'm here now in Shanghai and that's it. There's no more ifs or buts, it's here, I have 12 points and I just have to play catch-up."

Team-mate Sebastian Vettel said the impact of Ricciardo's penalty would not be felt until later in the year.

"It's a shame because it's a big amount of points lost for Daniel, for his championship but also for the team - for the constructors'," Vettel said. "How costly they will be we will get to know at the end of the season."