Nico Rosberg says he and Lewis Hamilton will discuss their Bahrain Grand Prix fight ahead of this weekend's race in China.

The two Mercedes drivers engaged in a thrilling battle for victory in Bahrain, swapping places on numerous occasions before Hamilton eventually came out on top. On one occasion, Rosberg was moved to complain via team radio that one of Hamilton's moves was "too much", and he revealed the team would talk about such instances ahead of the race in Shanghai.

"It's completely normal that as a team when there is situations or races where a lot has happened and which are intense battles that you are going to sit down and discuss," Rosberg said. "That's very important to move forward and we will do that.

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"We're doing that today and then we make sure everybody discusses and knows everybody's opinions and we review to be able to completely put it behind us and push on full attack. But it's a very normal process which has to happen, it's natural because you need to learn from what has happened to move forward even stronger."

Rosberg confirmed such discussions were not new between himself and Hamilton, and said that the two can always move forward even when they have heated disagreements.

"Yeah that's how our relationship has always been, it's not the first time that it's been a little bit close. We have had so many of these going back to when we were 13-years-old or even 12; there's so many numerous occasions, even the discussions can be intense discussions afterwards, but we always, with respect, move on afterwards. That's how it has always worked and I think it will work in the future.

"We have discussed a little bit but tonight we will discuss the whole race and the weekend."