Kimi Raikkonen has warned that Ferrari's new team principal Marco Mattiacci "will not make miracles" after replacing Stefano Domenicali.

Domenicali resigned from the role after a poor start to the season, with Mattiacci - who was formerly CEO of Ferrari North America - replacing him with immediate effect. Asked about the new team principal, Raikkonen said he doesn't remember meeting him previously but is confident he will be able to do a strong job as long as expectations are kept realistic.

"I don't know him - we've probably met before - but I think he has great people around him and for sure a lot of people to help him so I don't see there will be any issues," Raikkonen said. "I'm sure he will be very good at what he does and do everything in his power to push us forward - all of us - but that will not change things suddenly and will not make miracles because we know where we are, we know what we have to improve and it doesn't change overnight."

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Asked if he had been given a timeframe for how long it will take Ferrari to make improvements to the car, Raikkonen replied: "Little by little.

"Obviously we try to do it as quickly as we can but those things are not very easy to change or not very quick to change. Plus everybody else is improving, so it's not like we are the only guys here trying to solve things and improve things. I'm sure we can get where we want to be but it will take time."

And speaking about Domenicali leaving, Raikkonen said he was sad to see the former team principal step down.

"I think everybody's a bit surprised but obviously that was Stefano's own decision as I understood it. If he felt like that then fair enough and life goes on. It's sad because obviously he was a great guy and I worked with him for many years and obviously know him; even when I didn't race for him I spoke to him often. But that's how it goes and I'm sure we can handle this kind of thing."