Pastor Maldonado attempted to play down his accident in FP2 for the Chinese Grand Prix after crashing in the pit lane.

Having already had a strange incident in first practice when he drove off the track having been looking at his steering wheel, Maldonado then ran wide at the pit lane entry and hit the tyre barrier, damaging the front right corner of the car. Asked about the two incidents after his running, Maldonado said he felt neither was a big issue.

"In P2 I had a mistake at the entry of the pit before the long run," Maldonado said. "It's a test, we try [to push hard].

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"[In P1] I was on the steering wheel too much; there's too much to do on the out laps. After the outlaps it's OK."

Maldonado was more keen to focus on the positives of Friday's running, saying Lotus had made clear progress with the car.

"The car is better to be honest. The car is better than the previous race. I hope to have a better qualy, so in qualy I think it will be slightly better. I don't know how much but we are quite confident so we will see tomorrow.

"All of it starts to work more together. It's very easy to improve when you put things together. Our guys understand after having a total weekend and a total race that was normal without any big problems. We started to put things together and even Renault has been improving a lot as well so it's quite positive. We'll see tomorrow, we must be optimistic because we've been pushing so hard trying to put everything in the right point and I think it's better."

However, with both cars running fairly different set-ups, team-mate Romain Grosjean admitted the lack of data from Maldonado's car on a long run as a result of the crash could hurt Lotus slightly.

"For tyre wear yes it's always good to have a comparison," Grosjean said. "We were a little bit further away on set-ups and different ideas on my car but it's always better to have two cars that do the long run and then you can compare."