Felipe Nasr says his confidence at Williams is growing but fears young drivers are losing out on track time due to the new regulations.

FP1 in China marked Nasr's second free practice appearance for the team on top of time in the car during testing in Bahrain, and he ended the session half a second off team-mate Felipe Massa. Speaking exclusively to Crash.net, when asked if he was gaining confidence at Williams, Nasr replied: "Yes, I'm getting more used to it, more used to the team.

"I'm getting good knowledge of everything and being better with the engineers and everything. It's just performing well, it's gone very well.

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"Every time I'm in the car I'm learning and picking up new things, new information. I just learned a new circuit; for me that's very important. So everything I feel ... I have different feelings and different comments from the other drivers that I'm passing to the team and I'm sure they are quite happy with that."

However, Nasr admits his progress is limited because teams are wary of pushing their engines too hard this season.

"The more time in the car for me at the moment the better I will feel. But I know it's what we get; I'm not saying other drivers are getting more than that. It's more about saving the car itself because we are limited on engines as well through the season, so the teams try to keep it lower to have no problems during the year so that's what I think they are doing."

And Nasr said the restricted running means he's unable to push at 100% when he is in the car, especially at new tracks to him like China.

"Not really [at 100%], I wish I had more time in the car than that! That was my first time on the circuit - I hadn't seen the circuit before - and to do only six flying laps here is not enough to maximise my performance and the car performance. But from what I've got I think I did quite a decent job getting information for the team and I think there are a few parts we can work on."