Lewis Hamilton admits he is unsure of how strong he will be in tomorrow's Chinese Grand Prix after making a number of changes to his car overnight.

Having taken pole position in wet conditions, Hamilton appears to be in a strong position to take his third consecutive victory. However, a lack of running in first practice followed by what he described as a tough FP2 left Hamilton seeking set-up changes following Friday's running and he admits he doesn't know how that will pan out in the race.

"Yesterday was not a good day for me, so I struggled when I didn't get to run through P1 and then in P2 the car wasn't very good," Hamilton said. "We've made some changes so I'm hoping ... it's kind of strange because we've made all those changes overnight and then today's been wet so I have no idea if it's in the right direction. It was good in the wet so hopefully it's the same tomorrow in the dry."

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However, Hamilton was delighted with his performance in qualifying as he took pole position by 0.6s from Daniel Ricciardo in tricky conditions.

"Definitely the most [satisfaction] when it's raining. It's so slippery out there in those conditions, trying to find the grip and not making any mistakes on your lap. It was a tough session and I really enjoyed it. The car was feeling great. We always have stuff we can improve on but the team has done a great job this weekend and put us in a good position for the race; I hope we can follow through tomorrow."

And Hamilton said his lack of running in final practice - when he completed just two laps - had not affected him in qualifying.

"We all had to save our tyres and it's interesting, I'll have to go and analyse it because I know at least one of these guys (Red Bulls) was driving a few laps in P3 but I didn't feel the need to go out really. I don't think it's great for the fans that we don't have a huge amount of tyres just to go out and run so they can see us driving, because I'm sure people are tuning in and turning up at the track to watch us drive and we're a little bit restricted with the engine mileage and also with the tyres."