When Lewis Hamilton came on the radio to report that he had seen the chequered flag earlier than he had expected to at the Chinese Grand Prix, he was not hallucinating.

The official in charge of signalling the end of the race clearly got a little carried away, showing the chequers at the end of lap 55 instead of lap 56 as planned. That error, according to Article 43.2 of F1's Sporting Regulations, means that the result has to be taken at the end of lap 54 - the point at which 'the leading car last crossed the line before the signal was given'.

"That was very strange - I thought 'am I seeing things'," Hamilton commented, "I was coming across the line expecting to do another lap, looked up and thought I saw the flag. I lifted for a seocnd and then I saw there was no-one on the wall, so I kept going, [although] I did lose about a second or so. I asked the team and they said 'no' so I kept going, but it was very, very strange."

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While the adjustment has little effect on the top ten, which remained static for much of the final 15 laps, it negates Kamui Kobayashi's last-lap lap pass on Marussia rival Jules Bianchi for 17th position. Fortunately for the battle for tenth place in the constructors' standings, that move should have little effect unless there is call for deep countback to separate the teams at the end of the year....