Felipe Massa admits he is "frustrated" after a team pit stop error cost him any chance of points in the Chinese Grand Prix.

Running sixth at the end of his first stint, Massa suffered a long pit stop as Williams put the each rear tyre on the opposite side of the car to where it should have been. Having also been taken out of the Australian Grand Prix at Turn 1 and then hampered by the safety car in Bahrain, Massa expressed his annoyance at seeing results slip away from him for reasons outside of his control.

"Very tough [day]," Massa said. "We need to use everything that happened today and try not to repeat it in the future. Unfortunately another race where we lost important points, but what can I do? It's something that we need to understand everything that happened - when it's good and when it's bad - and try to make things better.

"For sure I'm frustrated for what happened today but we can't have any more. I'm frustrated also for what's happened in many races. In the first race somebody pushed me out, I lost massive points. In the last race I was fighting for third or fourth and then after the safety car I was eighth, finished seventh, so lost more points, and this race another problem that made me lose points.

"So for sure I'm frustrated with what has happened in so many races that we've done up to now, so I hope we don't see that anymore and I hope that we can have consistent races from now on."

Head of vehicle performance Rob Smedley said the issue had arisen as a result of procedural weaknesses at Williams.

"You clearly saw that we tried to fit the left on the right and vice versa; that was pretty clear," Smedley said. "What led to it in very broad, general terms, was not having good enough procedures and not having good enough processes to catch things like that, to ensure things like that don't happen.

"That's why we just have to go away, be pragmatic, be very honest and open with each other inside the team; I think that's important. Something that I'm keen to do at Williams is to be absolutely transparent with everybody and go away and say 'this was good, this wasn't good and this needs to be fixed'. We'll decide on Monday and Tuesday exactly what needs to be fixed, where the priorities are and just get on with it."


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