Lewis Hamilton says he is in a particularly good place at the moment, both personally and professionally, after cruising to his third straight F1 win in China.

The former World Champion has come into scrutiny in the past for allowing external matters distract him during competition, but has previously signalled his determination to focus entirely on racing since his switch to Mercedes at the start of the 2013 season.

It's an objective that has come fully into force in 2014, with Hamilton benefitting from Mercedes' evident edge on pace compared with its rivals to establish himself as a title favourite.

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With Hamilton now just four points behind Nico Rosberg in the overall standings after notching up his third straight F1 win in the Chinese Grand Prix, the 25-time race winner admits he is in a particularly 'happy place' at the moment.

"It's a combination of lots of things," he said when asked whether he is the happiest he has been in F1. "It's where I am in my life, family, girlfriend, where I live... having the right people in place with management and being in the right team. This year I am able to arrive and drive with no other worries."

Reflecting on the race itself, Hamilton feels his impressive form so far this year is as much to do with the 'comfort' he gets from the people around him in the Mercedes team.

"We got a great start, pulled away and controlled it from there. The job the team are doing and the guys around me... I am so much more comfortable with the people I am working with this year. I am able to really extract the most out of my engineers, so I feel like we did a good job."