McLaren racing director Eric Boullier says the team already has a replacement for Dan Fallows lined up, despite the dispute over his future.

Fallows was announced as an incoming McLaren aerodynamicist at the start of January, but has since re-signed for his old team Red Bull before he was due to commence work at the McLaren Technology Centre. With Ron Dennis saying High Court action is set to be the result, Boullier confirmed that McLaren has already made contingency plans on the basis that Fallows will not work for the team.

"We have to deal without him today so we have to consider all of the scenarios," Boullier said. "But also we have to consider the scenario that he will never be back or he will never join us, so we are implementing what we have to do and we have already."

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Boullier also confirmed that the potential replacement for Fallows has been lined up from outside McLaren, but has yet to start working for the team.

Asked when McLaren would be making an announcement about the new recruit, Boullier joked: "When they join us and when we are sure that they come in in the morning!"