Pirelli has praised Valtteri Bottas for reaching 316kph (196mph) in the wet in China on intermediate F1 tyres.

Bottas achieved the speed in qualifying, with a Pirelli press release saying he did so 'in conditions so wet that visibility was minimal because of the spray coming from the surrounding cars. As usual, he was on wide Formula One tyres, which makes the avoidance of aquaplaning a real challenge, unlike road cars.

'And yet Bottas, at only the start of his second season in Formula One, achieved this feat using a Pirelli tyre that is not even meant for the very wettest conditions.'

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Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery said knowing Bottas had been going so quickly on the intermediate tyre had given him "goosebumps" and highlighted just how talented the current F1 grid is.

"Seeing Bottas achieve those sorts of speeds, in the wet in China, was one of those moments that gave you goosebumps: which is what Formula One is meant to be all about," Hembery said.

"The Cinturato Green intermediate is in fact the only tyre in our range that is completely unaltered compared to 2013, but it was still able to provide complete control even under extremely marginal conditions. This performance underlines the sheer bravery and talent of today's Formula One drivers - which is what everyone wants to see."