McLaren racing director Eric Boullier says he has no concerns over Kevin Magnussen as the rookie gets to grips with life in F1.

After a highly impressive debut race in which Magnussen finished on the podium in Australia, results have dried up as he was limited to ninth in Malaysia following a clash with Kimi Raikkonen and then retired in Bahrain. The Chinese Grand Prix saw Magnussen struggle in both qualifying and the race as McLaren's lack of competitiveness was laid bare, and Boullier said he was not concerned having been through similar peaks and troughs when working with Romain Grosjean and Vitaly Petrov at Lotus.

"Obviously, he is a young rookie driver and it reminds me, in my experience of Grosjean and Petrov," Boullier said. "They went through the same processes and it's part of the learning curve, unfortunately. They need experience, they need to be able to understand the car.

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"The F1 car - set-up wise - is much more complicated than the junior categories, so it's just part of the learning progress. And he's not helped by the fact that he has a car that is not so easy to drive today."

Magnussen himself said in China that he wasn't letting the difficult run overly affect his morale as he looks to gain experience from each race.

"Australia was really good and I think we were also quite lucky then and it didn't really show our true position," Magnussen said. "But it shows what can happen if everything goes right, and that gives good reason to keep fighting and keep positive. I don't think we've actually gone backwards, we've just not been in that situation and had that fortune since then.

"The last couple of races have obviously been a bit more difficult but I've also learned a lot. At this point for me it's all about learning, I need good results but I need to learn along the way as well. So not the happiest of times at the moment but still positive."