Ferrari has confirmed both Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen will attend an Ayrton Senna tribute event at Imola this week.

The event will mark 20 years since Senna was killed in an accident at Tamburello corner while leading the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix. A number of tributes are planned at Imola to remember both Senna and Roland Ratzenburger - who was also killed on the same weekend - including a display of a number of Senna's F1 cars.

Alonso had already announced his intention to be at Imola for part of the event, and Ferrari has now confirmed that both its race drivers will be present to attend a commemorative ceremony on May 1.

"I think Senna set the standard for all drivers and he was definitely the best of his generation," Alonso said. "What made him special was his great will to win and the numbers speak for themselves. He always fought right to the bitter end and that earned him the respect of all his colleagues and it's what makes him a legend today. I was very little at the time and Spanish TV did not show Formula One, but I began to know something about him as my father was a fan and my first kart was painted in the same colours as his car."

Raikkonen added: "Senna's death was an incredibly sad moment for the world of Formula One. I was still at school back then and even if I don't remember much about him, because I was too young, that day has stayed fixed in my memory. I think he was a great driver and a benchmark for many who came after him." will be at Imola on Thursday 1 May to bring you coverage of the tribute event via our F1 Twitter feed.


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