Former Williams and McLaren driver Juan Pablo Montoya has revealed he doesn't find F1 exciting anymore and that he watched only five laps of the recent Chinese Grand Prix, which was dominated by Lewis Hamilton.

Speaking in an interview with Germany's Auto Motor und Sport, the Colombian added that he misses the noise too, finding the new turbo-charged V6s just too quiet.

"Very little," he replied when asked if he still follows F1. "I watched the first five laps of the Chinese GP and then switched off. I did not find it exciting.

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"And I missed the noise [too]. Of course I do not know how the engines sound in real life, but I don't think it comes close to the screams of the high-revving V10s of my time. The IndyCar engines are not the loudest [either]. But you can live with it."

Montoya has returned to the IndyCar this season, after seven years in NASCAR, and believes the series is better than F1.

"IndyCar provides better racing and this has nothing to do with the rule changes in Formula One [for 2014]," he continued. "F1 has always been very technical and as a driver you are dependent on the car.

"Do you think Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel have forgotten how to drive? No, it is just that those that are not in a Mercedes have bad cards."

"It is another way of going racing," he added. "You can like it or not. I was in Formula One to have good time and always sat in good cars. The Williams, which I won in Brazil in 2004, is in my house. I have beautiful memories [of my time in F1]."

Meanwhile, the seven-time F1 winner elaborated on recent comments about DRS - the Drag Reduction System - in which he said it was rather like giving Picasso Photoshop.

"No," he replied when asked if he is against it and other such aids. "It depends on the position of the viewer."

"As a racer I would not like it [DRS] because it makes overtaking too easy. You just have to get within a second of the man in front, press a button and then drive past," he explained.

"For the spectators, however, it is great. What do you want in sport? A good show. And DRS makes the show better, no question," he clarified.