Sebastian Vettel will have a new chassis for the Spanish Grand Prix as Red Bull looks to update the RB10.

Red Bull has been making steady progress after a tough pre-season of testing, with Vettel scoring the team's only podium to date at the Malaysian Grand Prix. However, while he has struggled relative to team-mate Daniel Ricciardo in terms of getting the car suited to his driving style, the team says Vettel's new chassis this weekend is not a kneejerk reaction to his issues.

"Sebastian will get a new chassis for Barcelona, which was scheduled at the start of the season and then the next one will be for Dan at some time around Silverstone," chief designer Rob Marshall said.

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However, speaking to the official Red Bull website, Marshall said there should be no advantage for Vettel as a result of the new chassis.

"It shouldn't be [a benefit], as the idea is that they are all the same. Drivers don't always want to change them - they can get attached to a particular chassis and when they are on a good run they like to hang on to it for as long as possible!

"From our point of view we'd rather give them one or two new chassis during the season that we have been able to check out in the factory using various testing methods."