Jenson Button says McLaren-Mercedes would benefit most from having two experienced drivers in the team as it seeks a return to form ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix, but insists rookie team-mate Kevin Magnussen is getting more 'confident' with his feedback.

McLaren-Mercedes began the season well with both drivers making it onto the podium for the curtain raising Australian Grand Prix, Danish newcomer Magnussen particularly impressing after being classified second in his maiden F1 outing.

However, since then McLaren has slipped down the F1 hierarchy, failing to score during the last two events in Bahrain and China, prompting the British team to bring a raft of upgrades to the first European round of the year in Spain.

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Indeed, though Button is full of praise for his young team-mate's progress behind the scenes, he admits it would be beneficial to McLaren to have two mechanically experienced drivers to help forge ahead with improvements.

"The best thing for a team is to have two experienced drivers who know what theyre doing," he said. "You can have experienced drivers in terms of driving experience, but not have a clue what they're doing mechanically or on the engineering side, so two guys that understand the car and what things do, or what he has in his little toolbox, makes a big difference.

"Kevin is learning all the time and he has fed a lot of good information that I hope he is able to take in. I think he is getting much better at being confident in his feelings with the car and trying new directions because we need that as a team. We are supposed to be trying new things otherwise you don't gain by having two cars out there, but I think he is picking up a lot though, which is good to see and his feedback is good."

Looking ahead to the weekend, Button says McLaren is introducing upgrades, but laments that rival teams are likely to do the same, before adding that it will take time before the improvements are fully realised.

"It takes time. We have upgrades here and it's a good chunk of upgrade, but this is a race where a lot of teams bring upgrades so who knows if this is going to make us any quicker compared with our competitors. If you look at the trends in the wind tunnel, it is positive, but it is going to take a few weeks before we can get that on the car."


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Am I the only one who finds it a bit pedantic when the article consists of a series of longer recaps of each sentence before every single one of Button's individual sentences from his statement? I understand that the writer has to contribute something, but all I do most of the time these days is read only the part in quotes. Sorry to dump on you Crash, I do like this site, and I've seen profound insights actually included in articles before. As such, I lament when quality falls.