Felipe Massa says he is "100%" confident that Williams will be able to update its car more successfully than Ferrari could last year.

In Massa's last season with the team, Ferrari struggled to get new parts working with its car due to issues with the wind tunnel. However, Williams has had more success so far this season as it works at improving downforce levels and the team is looking to stay near the front of the grid with a number of new parts at this weekend's Spanish Grand Prix.

Asked if he was more confident that upgrades would work at Williams, Massa replied: "100%.

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"Last year, to be honest I don't remember one race when we brought new parts and it worked. And then we had a lot of new parts; most of the races we had new parts and they never worked, we always removed them on Friday morning.

"The work we are doing at Williams, the new parts we are bringing to the car... the only thing we couldn't use yet is the bigger rear wing, which we've been working on since the first race and keep trying to use, that's the only thing. Apart from that, everything we've brought is on the car. So we are 100% sure that the new parts here will work and the new parts at the next race and every race should work."

However, when asked if it was possible for any team to catch the pace-setting Mercedes, Massa was clear that the gap is too big to close.

"No, I don't think so. In my experience normally from the first race to the last race - in a year like this it will be a bigger improvement compared to the past - but maybe teams will improve by 1.5s. So if they improve 1.5s it will not be enough to catch Mercedes because Mercedes will improve as well. Even if Mercedes improves by half a second, they still have the car to win the last race.

"That's my experience, looking at what's happened every year that I was in Formula One. So I don't think it will be so easy to catch Mercedes but in my opinion Monaco is a track where maybe we can see a Red Bull winning a race because the engine doesn't count and they have a very good car in terms of downforce."