Romain Grosjean is hopeful that the first European round of the 2014 Formula 1 season in Spain will herald his and Lotus' first points following a step forward in China.

Lotus' tough start to the 2014 season has been well documented, but Grosjean came close to scoring the team's first points during the Shanghai race following a significant step forward in pace, but would be let down by technical issues,

With this in mind, a buoyant Grosjean has high hopes that the Spanish Grand Prix will see Lotus contesting its first top ten finish, particularly as it is bringing a host of upgrades to the Circuit de Catalunya..

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"We have spent a lot of time in the simulator and we have found an interesting way of setting up the car. If that is completely true then that will be much better on track hopefully.

"It is key to get on top of this new technology and cars, and it has been getting better and better. Normally when we have updates they work, so I hope that will be positive to get even better than what we had in Shanghai.

"Here hopefully we can get some [points]. It'll be nice for us, for the guys... it's a small thing, but it is a good."