Paul Hembery has labelled Sergio Perez's criticism of Pirelli's tyre compound selections as "pathetic".

Perez described the gap between the F1 lap times and GP2 at the Circuit de Catalunya as "embarrassing" and said the main reason was because Pirelli was being too conservative with its tyres. However, when those quotes were put to Hembery he said it was wrong to blame the tyre manufacturer.

"It's pathetic really as an excuse, quite frankly," Hembery said. "They've all got the same."

Perez also accused Pirelli of overreacting to the troubles it had in 2013, but Hembery said a more conservative approach was necessary due to the new regulations.

"No, we haven't overreacted. We had to come in to this year with a different approach; the cars are different, there's a lot of wheelspin, so it's not as if we can change everything during the year. We managed a couple of test sessions and you're not going to jump in to a season with everything perfect with a brand new car.

"If we could change things through the year, if we had a choice of 12 compounds, then you can do a whole lot of other things. These essentially three compounds - because the supersoft is often only a street circuit generally - so you only have three compounds to cover from 50 degrees track temperature to 15. Sometimes you'll be compromised, sometimes like today you're probably in the window when things are working better and that's the nature of the business."

And Hembery was still happy with Pirelli's choice of medium and hard compound tyres for this weekend's Spanish Grand Prix, despite admitting it was likely to lead to a boring race.

"After last year I don't think anything's too conservative! This is a circuit where you have seen historically it can be one of the more boring races. It has been a procession for many years; we had a few years of maybe making that a little bit of a different approach to it and this year we will probably return more in line to what has been the historical type of event..."