Fernando Alonso agrees that Pirelli's tyre choice is too conservative at the Circuit de Catalunya after Sergio Perez criticised the tyre manufacturer.

Perez said the gap between F1 and GP2 lap times was "embarrassing", pointing the finger at Pirelli for its choice of tyre compounds. Paul Hembery responded that it was a "pathetic" excuse for the lack of performance, but Alonso agrees that Pirelli could have been more aggressive than selecting the medium and hard compound tyres.

"There wasn't much grip on track today and in general, we struggled a bit more, which was down to a series of factors, including the track being less rubbered-in than usual," Alonso said. "On top of that, we have less aerodynamic downforce than in the past and also in my opinion, the tyre choice here is too conservative for this track.

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"Now we face a lot of work to try and optimise the balance of the car and get the most out of it, even if the circumstances are not that favourable to us. We must be cleverer than the others in terms of making the changes we need and adapting to them in time for qualifying."

Team-mate Kimi Raikkonen was less concerned by the tyre choice, instead saying he'd been focused on set-up throughout Friday's running.

"We had a particularly busy time on track today, trying to do as many laps as possible to complete the planned programme over the two free practice sessions," Raikkonen said. "In the morning, we tried various set-ups, alternating between two different rear wings, while in the second session, we concentrated on preparing for qualifying and the race and on analysing the behaviour of the two compounds Pirelli has brought here. This evening, we will carefully analyse all the data gathered, to decide which direction to go in."