Valtteri Bottas says he is focusing on the positive result of finishing fifth in the Spanish Grand Prix rather than dwelling on losing out to Sebastian Vettel late on.

Fifth place equals Bottas' best result in F1, but he had been running third throughout the first stint and only came under pressure from Vettel late in the race before being passed with two laps remaining. Despite failing to hold on to fourth, Bottas said he had produced one of his best races and maximised the potential of his car.

"We need to be happy," Bottas said. "Ten points again. Obviously it was good to see we were the third quickest team here and that's the result that we got with my car this time and I think that's very good.

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"We really need to analyse if there were things we could have done better but in the end Vettel was on the medium, I was on the hard and he was on the more fresh tyre, so there was nothing really to be done to avoid him getting through me. I really feel that we have to be happy with fifth, but you always want more, that's for sure. We're going to have a look if there was anything we can do better in the future.

"From my side the race was definitely one of my best. I got a good start and in the beginning I could keep Ricciardo behind even though he was a lot quicker; the Mercedes engine helped us with that! But zero mistakes from my side and a clean race."

Asked if he was surprised where Vettel overtook him - under braking in to Turn 10 - Bottas admitted he was but said Williams just wasn't a match for Red Bull.

"Yeah, I was a little bit surprised by that. It seems like they could brake a bit later than us. But now, analysing it back, if I had would have gone to the inside trying to prevent it I probably would have picked up some marbles. Possibly then I would have been slow in sector three and he could have got me on the main straight, so the fact was they were a lot quicker than us and they beat us by pure pace."