Jenson Button says he isn't finding McLaren's position an enjoyable challenge after a third straight race without scoring points.

After both McLarens retired in Bahrain, the last two races have seen both Button and team-mate Kevin Magnussen fail to finish inside the top ten. With Button having explained that he didn't feel he could have finished higher than tenth, he was asked if he still found the racing enjoyable, to which he replied: "I don't know about enjoyable...

"I'm here to do a job; most jobs aren't enjoyable. Mine is most of the time so you get your head down and deal with it. You still do the best job you can with the car, you still learn something and I think we learned something today. Hopefully on Tuesday in the test here we can progress even further."

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Explaining his race in more detail, Button said an unlucky pit stop essentially ruined his chances of scoring a point.

"It was quite fun in the first two stints; I felt like we were making progress quicker than the cars in front but the second stop we gambled on an early stop. We followed one of the Force India's in knowing that the other one would be in on the next lap and thought we could jump it, which we might have been able to do but another car followed me in so it meant that when we finished with the tyres and went to go there was a car coming down the pit lane.

"So it cost us about three or four seconds and that meant that I came out of the pits late and I was just in front of Lewis who was lapping me. So I had to let him past and then sat behind him because obviously I had new tyres and he had old tyres, so I was actually slowed down by a Mercedes!

"I was 30 laps to the end of the race on one set of tyres and I hadn't jumped anyone in the pits so it was a pretty bad position then. After that I was just getting my head down and just trying to look after the tyres until the end of the race really. So not a great race. I think if we had got everything together we might have finished tenth and that was it really."