The F1 paddock at Sunday's Spanish Grand Prix was awash with rumours that Red Bull's Adrian Newey was again being courted by Ferrari.

In common with most of its rivals, the Scuderia has long been an admirer of Newey's abilities and has, on numerous occasions, attempted to lure him to Maranello in a bid to put the Prancing Horse back on top of the F1 world, but the attraction has never been strong enough to tempt Newey to uproot his family and decamp to Italy.

With Red Bull currently struggling to overcome Mercedes - which took its fifth win in as many races with Lewis Hamilton's triumph at the Circuit de Catalunya - Newey's latest creation may not be able to follow in the footsteps of the championship-winning cars he designed over the past four seasons, let alone those he penned for Williams and McLaren in the past. With its own illustrious history powerless to prevent a full year from passing without a trip to the top step of the podium, Ferrari perhaps senses that this is the time to strike.

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The latest approach appears to be genuine - Red Bull has not felt tempted to brush it off as another attempt to destabilise what is still a potent F1 operation - and Newey himself seemed coy when the question of his future was put to him at the Circuit de Catalunya.

"There's always rumours isn't there," he told Britain's Sky Sports immediately after the race, "What can I say.... it's the silly season. I've done some sportscar races in Italy, and it's a great place, but it's a bit of a leap of faith from one to the other.

"We're all under contract and, at some point, I've got to think about the future, but my focus at the moment is trying to get back on top of the silver cars."

Red Bull finished third and fourth in the Spanish Grand Prix, with Sebastian Vettel coming through from 15th on the grid to take twelve points. However, he was some 27secs behind team-mate Daniel Ricciardo, who joined the Mercedes pair on the podium despite trailing winner Hamilton by nearly 50secs. Red Bull currently sits second in the constructors' standings, but trails Mercedes by 113 points after just five races.