Toto Wolff believes Nico Rosberg can deal with the pressure of losing the championship lead and won't be fazed by Lewis Hamilton's winning run.

Hamilton has won the last four races from Rosberg, wiping out the 25-point advantage Rosberg held after winning the Australian Grand Prix in the process. However, Wolff doesn't believe that finishing second to his team-mate will become harder and harder for Rosberg to take, saying he has the right mindset to know his current results are good for his title hopes.

"He ended up 0.6s off after 66 laps," Wolff said. "They are just so close, and the championship is barely over the first quarter. We have seen in the past years you can win championships with just three wins if you keep scoring. I guess he knows that.

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"He's such a competitive and tough personality who has no problems with coping with that situation. Of course he is disappointed because he's competitive after finishing second to his team-mate, but I have no doubt that during the season we are going to see them edging themselves out."

When it was put to Wollf that Hamilton may be the harder driver to manage this year when his run comes to an end, he said he didn't foresee any issues.

"I think that Lewis is in a good place in his life. He has found out what is important for him, he is managing his life in the way he thinks makes him perform best. I don't know how he is in the interactions with [the media] but for us internally he's coming to the factory every couple of days.

"He's incredibly focused and meticulous, and he's on a roll. We've seen it in the past that when any driver is on a roll it is pretty hard to beat him."