Christian Horner says managing Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo has been "a walk in the park compared to previous years!"

The relationship between Vettel and previous team-mate Mark Webber was often strained, with numerous on-track incidents exposing the problems between the two. With Horner often having to try and act as peacemaker between those two drivers, he said he was enjoying the more relaxed nature of working with the current pairing.

"It's a walk in the park compared to previous years!" Horner said. "But that's part of the challenge of being a team boss."

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Ricciardo took his first official podium for the team in Barcelona having been stripped of second place in Australia, and Horner admitted he has delivered more quickly than Red Bull expected.

"He's done a great job this year and he's so calm in the car. He just continues to impress us with his speed, with his approach. He's enjoying what he's doing, you never see him not smiling and it's a pleasure to have him in the team.

"The two guys are working extremely well together, so I can't speak highly enough of what Daniel has done so far in the first five races."