Felipe Massa believes Williams has already resolved the issues he had in the Spanish Grand Prix after a day of testing.

Rob Smedley said on Sunday night that he had made it a priority for the team to investigate why Massa had struggled badly with tyre degradation having been quick all weekend while Valtteri Bottas took a competitive fifth place. Speaking after driving for Williams on Tuesday in Barcelona, Massa said he appeared to have overcome the issues and believes the main problem comes when he is stuck behind other cars.

"Honestly I also did a run and had none of the problems in terms of degradation compared to what I had in the race," Massa said. "The only difference in the race is that I was in traffic, so that was the only thing that I had in the race that I didn't have [on Tuesday]. So it's something that we need to really be ready for, especially in races where you are going to be behind people and trying to understand what to do."

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On the rest of his schedule, Massa said it had been a productive day for Williams but confirmed it had not tested any new parts after giving up on a troublesome new rear wing.

"We did more or less everything we were supposed to do. We didn't have much mileage so we did some laps in the wet which was also positive to look at some issues that we had in other races in the wet which we've got better at, but we had some things to try and I think it was positive to do some laps in the wet.

"I did some set-up work looking at how the weekend was and I think it was good to do. I also did some aerodynamic working; not some new parts but some aerodynamic work that we had to do."