Nico Rosberg says Mercedes F1 will endeavour to keep finding new solutions to improve the spectacle of the sport after its much-discussed 'megaphone exhaust' resulted in little noticeable difference to the sound of the cars.

Sporting a distinctive 'trumpet-style' instrument on the rear-end of the W05, the feature was intended to amplify the sound of the power units, which have been criticised in 2014 for being too quiet and less distinctive than the previous generation engines.

However, the new exhaust would have little effect on the sound of the car, with Mercedes removing it before Rosberg returned to the track for the final afternoon of F1 testing in Spain.

Despite this, the German insists Mercedes is committed to the sport and doing its part to find solutions to ongoing issues.

"Unfortunately it [the exhaust] didn't change anything," he said. "We will keep pushing and we want to as a team for the sport to make things louder, so we need to keep pushing and try some other solutions because this was not the right solution."

Second fastest to Pastor Maldonado on the second and final day of F1 testing, Rosberg completed 102 laps as he worked on set-up and elements of weakness, namely braking and his starts.

"[We tried] brakes because that is one area where I am not too comfortable yet this year, so we were just doing that and trying different solutions, which produced lots of interesting findings. After that it was lots of set-up stuff and engine stuff, but it is so valuable on a day like this.

"[We also] worked on starts a lot because that is a weakness of ours and we learned a lot there, but it is not so easy because the clutch is a massively complicated thing."

"During a race weekend you can never test anything because not one run is the same as the next and on a day like this you do every run the same - same tyres, same fuel - so you can learn so much."


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simple: up the revs and drop the boost.