Toto Wolff says Mercedes has noticed it is generating less TV and media coverage as a result of its dominance of the 2014 season.

With Mercedes having won the first five races by a comfortable margin, only the Bahrain and Spanish grands prix saw a battle for victory between the two cars. When it was put to Wolff that the TV cameras were rarely fixed on their cars when they are so far up the road, Wolff admitted it was one of the negative effects of being so dominant.

"We have seen that already, interestingly," Wolff said. "It was funnily enough Bahrain! Even though we had the battle at the end, TV coverage and the media value we have generated was less than in previous races.

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"So the question is, what do we do about that? Do we narrow the gap on purpose? No, it doesn't function, so I guess we have to swallow that and have a little bit less of an average media value that we generate."

And Wolff explained that Mercedes has to ignore how strong it has been in order to avoid letting up in the development race.

"We knew that the developments we would be bringing to the car - not only in terms of the power unit but also in terms of the chassis side, on the vehicle dynamics side, on the aero side - were going to make us improve for Barcelona.

"This is a constant push. You can't be complacent. Coming back in to the office it's like that Sunday never happened and I think you have to have that mentality if you want to guarantee long-term sustainability of success."