McLaren racing director Eric Boullier says the team "is working flat-out" to recover from its recent run of poor form.

The Spanish Grand Prix marked the third race in succession in which McLaren has failed to score a point, with both cars again finishing the race outside the top ten. Boullier admitted that the team is going through a tough time but said the determination is evident to try and turn the situation around as quickly as possible.

"The last three race weekends have been difficult for us, but the entire team is working flat-out to improve things," Boullier said. "Although our drivers are coming at it from different angles - Jenson [Button] is a past winner, Kevin [Magnussen] is making his Monaco debut - both are keen to see what they can do this weekend. Monaco is always a bit of a one-off, a racetrack on which you can sometimes achieve more than you can on more conventional circuits. As in its famous casino, you can sometimes collect if you play your luck.

"Of course, we'll be relying on a little more than luck this weekend! One of the keys to getting a result at Monaco is the good work that goes on in the garage and the engineering truck. Regardless of our track performance, our mechanics have never tired in their bid to ensure our cars are well built, reliable and looking immaculate. Equally, our engineers and strategists have worked relentlessly to make sure that every ounce of performance makes it to the track."

While obviously not happy about McLaren's current level of performance, Boullier says there is no extra emphasis on any race or cut-off point where the team will start looking to 2015.

"Monaco has its own unique demands in terms of car performance, too. Obviously, we'll be bringing a track-specific package to this race - and to Canada too - but, at the moment, we're not targeting any particular race as the start of an overall turnaround. We're simply working hard to deliver iterative improvements to the car - we're confident in that process, and hope it will start to reap dividends in the future."