It is the race that surely needs no introduction and is the one event every F1 driver wants to win - the Monaco Grand Prix.

A race that is as synonymous with F1's history, as it is with its unwavering challenges and the glitz and glamour it attracts, the Monaco GP remains one of sport's most iconic annual events.

With a challenging, tight layout that has changed remarkably little since it was present on the very first F1 calendar in 1950, the Monaco Grand Prix has seen countless memorable moments, blessed champions and punished errors.

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Once more, has created this handy factsheet for the Monaco Grand Prix detailing the location, key facts and a look back at a selection of those memorable moments in the race's history.

The sixth in a series of factsheets we will be producing ahead of each F1 Grand Prix this season, be sure to collect them all and make sure you share them via Twitter and Facebook, and use the embedding code too!

A Great Infographic with everything you need to know about the 2014 Monaco Grand Prix.

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