Felipe Massa believes this weekend's Monaco Grand Prix is likely to be one of the most difficult in the principality.

With Sergio Perez saying the new regulations were likely to make the cars tougher to drive on the street circuit and driver errors more common, Massa agreed it would be tough to handle the 2014 cars. Asked just how tricky he expects this weekend to be, Massa replied: "I think it will be one of the most difficult Monte Carlos.

"It will be a race that is not easy to finish. Looking at the fact that it's Monaco, looking at the new rules, very different cars, very strong torque from the engine with the low downforce cars, so it will not be easy to drive here but I hope we can be consistent and have a good weekend

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"You have an engine which has a lot more torque with less downforce, so the tyres are what we have. So that's already a good explanation. This year the cars are a lot more sideways compared to last year; on a track like this it's not really easy."

And Massa admits Williams is unlikely to be able to challenge the front-running Mercedes or Red Bull cars, but feels the race between the top two could be close.

"If you look at how [Red Bull] improved from the first race to now and how strong they were in the last sector in Barcelona I think maybe it can be the best track for Red Bull. I don't know if they will be able to be in front of Mercedes or not but I think it can be the best circuit for Red Bull.

"So we'll see. I think after Red Bull we can be in the fight. Especially in Barcelona I don't think we were really behind, I think we were in the fight and I hope we can be in the fight with the other teams. Maybe even with Red Bull or Mercedes; we need to be confident! But just looking at what has happened in the other races I think this maybe can be the best track for Red Bull."