Kimi Raikkonen says it is a shame F1 drivers are restricted by teams from competing in different categories and events.

Current drivers are limited in what they are allowed to do outside of F1, with Robert Kubica's rally accident in 2011 a prime example of the potential impact of an incident while competing elsewhere. While Raikkonen was asked about Sir Jack Brabham's passing earlier this week - and specifically his achievement of winning a world championship in a car bearing his own name - he said that he wished he was able to race in multiple disciplines like drivers of the past.

"Obviously I read and I was so sad to hear that he had passed away," Raikkonen said. "Obviously these days are different than the days that they used to race and they could do different categories, different races. It would be very nice if they would be able to do different things at the same time and different races and try different things more.

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"But the problem is everything gets so much more expensive these days and obviously people are more scared that you get hurt that they try to limit everything that you do. It's a shame because I think it would be more fun for everybody and all sports would also benefit from it, and F1. It would be nice to do stuff like they did."

On the current situation at Ferrari this season, Raikkonen believes a clean weekend in Barcelona allowed him to be more competitive but acknowledges just how far off the pace the team is.

"We've been pretty good in other races also but obviously had some problems in the race or in practice and always messed up the complete big picture a bit. But obviously it was a bit better last time around. To be honest, if we finished where we finished, I think sixth and seventh, it's not at all where we want to be as a team, so we still have an awful lot of work to do.

"We improve things little-by-little but the other teams are also going forward so it's not a simple thing to fix and be in front suddenly. We know how it works and we know how much things have to improve but we keep working hard and for sure one day we will get there."


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While high risk in more than one way, driving in other series also has a chance of raising a driver's stock and exposure. We've seen how integral passion is to even attempt racing for wins and titles, but no matter how unique each series is, historically, legends somehow find a transcendent level of drive they can channel into real speed in any machine.

I sometimes like to ponder, if only Kimi had followed through on that LeMans test and actually given it a go before returning, and even respect his NASCAR adventure. As long as racing is to be had, Kimi, and others like Schumi, Seb Loeb and Val Rossi become infectious passion in-carnate on-track, a living expression of us fans' true love of speed. Proudly carrying that shared piece of our soul with them in success or even failure is special indeed.