After five consecutive wins for Mercedes, Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel said on Thursday that the German marque deserves to be in the position it is currently in, dominating the constructors' standings with 113 points in hand over the competition.

Speaking from the floating Red Bull Energy Station in the Monaco harbour, Vettel reflected on his team's time at the top of the standings.

"We've been at the top for the last couple of years," he said. "We know how it feels, we know the sort of things you have to deal with. They are probably in a similar position, and it's fair to say that at the moment Mercedes deserve to be there because they're doing the best job.

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"We are only five races in, and I know the [Red Bull] team is strong. We've been through a lot over the 99 races so far, and I am confident we will get stronger. The question is: how soon? I think that overall you have to respect that Mercedes has a very strong package, so I guess they will be very strong here. Nico and Lewis are very good around here, so they will be the ones to beat. Maybe we can be a bit closer."

The quadruple champion was uncomfortable with suggestions that Red Bull's recent domination of the sport had been easy, despite the nine-race winning streak that marked the end of the 2013 season.

"It's easy now to look back and say we've dominated everything, it was easy, but the way I remember it is a little bit different to that," he said. "We are five races into the season. I don't think we ever started the season with five wins as a team. Obviously we had a very different and strong finish last year, but if you look at the races, at the results, at the gaps, I think it was a different story."