Fernando Alonso says he is yet to notice any changes from new Ferrari team principal Marco Mattiacci.

Mattiacci was appointed as Stefano Domenicali's replacement ahead of the Chinese Grand Prix after the former team principal resigned following a poor start to the new F1 season. With Mattiacci having now been in the role for a month Alonso was asked if much has changed within the team, but said his new boss needs to build up his experience first.

"Not much to be honest," Alonso said. "I answered the same question in Barcelona and I don't think it's going to happen soon. He came, he's still learning about the team situation, he's still learning about the Formula One environment and Formula One weekends. Also at the factory there are a lot of things to learn and to get some experience before making any decisions that at the moment he will not take.

"On our side - the drivers, the engineers or mechanics trackside - we come to the grand prix, we have the same meetings at the same times, we still have the same free practice at the same time and we don't see any big difference.

"When I go to Maranello I go to work, to have some meetings, to have some preparations, to run in the simulator. So in all these areas there is still not any change this last month, but as I said it was probably not expected to have any change in the first month because he does not have the experience yet."

Looking ahead to the Monaco Grand Prix this weekend, Alonso said he retains hope that he can get comfortable enough with the car to drive around any weaknesses despite Ferrari struggling for traction.

"I think we have more than that one problem at the moment. Obviously it would be nice to have nice traction here in Monaco but this has not been our strongest point for the last couple of years and we've still managed to do well here in Monaco with a couple of podiums and some good results. So hopefully we don't miss the traction so much here and still have a good level to compete and be up at the front and take some points.

"I think it's a question mark for everybody here this weekend; the cars have been quite tricky to drive so we arrive to a special circuit with a unique layout and some risky points. So we need to see which team can adapt its car a little bit better for here.

"As we've said many times, at a normal circuit an update is worth 0.2s or 0.3s, but in Monaco it's not so important; you can find 0.5s or 0.7s if you have confidence in the car. With zero updates if you manage to have good confidence in the car with good set-up and good preparation it can be a lot better, so it's what we aim for this weekend."


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Well Alonso is only speaking the truth, even the tifosi have not seen or notice any influence yet since spain.