Jenson Button has revealed that he has been unable to test a 2014 car in Monaco on the McLaren simulator as he gets sick driving the street circuit.

A number of drivers have previously admitted to limiting their time in simulators due to motion sickness, but with new regulations set to make the Monaco Grand Prix weekend even more tricky this year the simulator could prove a useful tool during the build-up to the race. However, Button said he had been unable to compare the new car to previous years as Monaco is a track which he struggles to drive on the simulator.

"I honestly can't give you an answer to that one because I haven't driven it in the simulator," Button said. "And I didn't drive last year's car in the simulator or the year before that, basically because I can't drive round Monaco in the simulator because I get sick. So this is one I miss. [Test driver] Ollie Turvey has been in it a lot though, the poor guy! I don't know why, but I get sick in it, so I can't drive it round here.

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"[Turvey] has done a lot of work and he said that it's more difficult to drive with the torque but I think we're going to be able to manage OK. I think if it's wet it's going to be very tricky because there's no high speed so you can't get heat in the tyres and with so much torque it will be very tough.

"The only thing that's different which you can't replicate in the simulator is out of Massanet. From there, all the way through the tunnel it's got new asphalt which we think is probably quite similar to Austin in the first year. So it's going to be very low grip and that's going to be an issue for everyone to get the tyres working. The soft tyre is going to be tough for everyone to get working - especially the fronts - but the supersoft is going to be good I think."

Speaking about what would constitute a successful weekend for McLaren following three races without scoring a point, Button said it would be signs of progress rather than the final result.

"Obviously we're not in a fantastic place right now in terms of speed and finishing positions. I was asked 'What would you be happy with here?' Well, obviously I'd be happy with a win but we're not going to get that!

"I don't think the position is really what's going to make us happy here because it's not going to be a fantastic position. I think what we'll get out of this weekend is how the car feels; if we feel that we've made improvements and we have a better direction then that's when we will be happy, it won't be the points that we score. We know that there's so much coming in terms of development curve in the wind tunnel that we can be positive for the future. So it's not the position, it's the feeling of the car that will be key round here for us."