Ferrari technical director James Allison has said that Kimi Raikkonen is starting to close on Fernando Alonso, adding that it is not entirely fair to say that the Finn is struggling more than his Spanish counterpart.

Raikkonen has returned to Ferrari this season after impressing during a two-year stint with Lotus.

However, while Alonso has taken one podium and scored 49 points during F1 2014, Kimi has notched up just 17 points, his best result two seventh places - one in Australia and the other in Spain earlier this month, where he lost out to his team-mate despite starting ahead.

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"I am not sure it is entirely fair to say that he [Raikkonen] is struggling more than Fernando," Allison told reporters including in the countdown to this weekend's Monaco Grand Prix, the sixth round in the 2014 F1 World Championship.

"They both have similar feedback with the car and there are aspects of this year's rules that make the cars right across the pitlane not an easy prospect for the driver. There is a lot more torque from the engine, there is a lot less aerodynamic grip and the tyres themselves are deliberately not as aggressive as they were last year. All that of that means the cars are quite a handful to drive and they are not easy for anyone whether at the front of the grid or the back.

"The sort of problems that Kimi has under traction, under braking and downshifting, all those problems are pretty much the same as Fernando and I imagine similar to those experienced around the other teams too.

"It's just he's going a little bit slower than Fernando at the moment.

"But that gap is closing as the year progresses."


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You know what, life's not fair. And neither is losing out to someone. It's called competition. The reality is, Kimi isn't doing as well as Alonso, ATM. I still have a large amount of faith in my favorite driver, and history has shown me that he knows how to get a car he likes, at least eventually. Kimi doesn't bulIsh!t, I believe he'd concur with my assertions.