Daimler chairman Dr Dieter Zetsche says he is happy with the current Mercedes driver pairing despite again praising Fernando Alonso.

Zetsche was recently on a tour of a Mercedes factory in Spain when he described Alonso as "perhaps the best driver on the grid, demonstrating it even in a slightly less competitive car." Amid reports that Nico Rosberg has signed a new contract - which the team again declined to comment on - Zetsche was asked about his comments and said it was a result of the situation he found himself in.

"Quite frankly one reason was that I was in Spain!" Zetsche said. "Juan Carlos was present as well, and I'm a polite man! But independent of that certainly Alonso is - as I said - one of the best drivers; I think we all agree about that.

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"But I said as well something that didn't get quoted which is that we have a fantastic team and I am very happy."

And Zetsche added that he is happy to see his two drivers continuing to dominate F1 this season even if it means less media exposure for the team.

"We have seen four years in a row with one team winning the championship, now we're talking about five races where one team has won, so I heard less comments after four years about boring racing than I heard after five races! Perhaps the confidence is high that we could continue this way, I don't know...

"In any case, my feeling is that many have expected Mercedes to succeed in this competition. Some were even surprised that it took us so long to become even more competitive, so I get a lot of positive response that we are there where people expected us before.

"On top of that it is clear we have two top-notch drivers who come in after almost two hours of racing within a fraction of a second, which is unbelievable. I think we have seen in Bahrain especially - but not only there - that there is extreme, fierce fighting between these two drivers for the number one position which in itself is a lot of excitement; for me more than I can sometimes bear but for many people watching as well. We have a lot of position changes between the teams and within the teams.

"Last but not least I don't think it is our task to take that issue on, it's the task of our competition. We will not try to help them, but we are aware that everybody will try to reduce and close this gap; we will not support that effort."