Marcus Ericsson will start from the pit lane for the Monaco Grand Prix after crashing in to Felipe Massa during qualifying.

Massa was on a slow lap and stayed wide at Mirabeau to allow Ericsson - on a flying lap - to pass on the inside of the corner. However, Ericsson lost control of his Caterham under braking and slid wide, taking Massa out in the process as he hit the barriers.

Having investigated the incident, the stewards decided that Ericsson was "reckless" and as a result have relegated him to a pit lane start.

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The decision read: "Car 9 is required to start the Race from the Pit Lane. (2 penalty points awarded, 2 points total for the 12 month period)".

Adding the reason for the decision: "The driver of car 9 recklessly collided with car 19 in turn 5".

Massa revealed after the session that Ericsson had apologised to him, and also said the incident was another which made him feel like he was unlucky at present.

"Well, what can I say?" Massa said. "I just opened the space for him, he came in to the corner, he locked his wheels and he went in to me. Not much I can say really; when it's not [Kamui] Kobayashi it's Ericsson!

"[The car] is less competitive in this track compared to the other tracks but it's not really a perfect track for us. I think looking at how I started in Q1 it would have been possible to be fighting to get in to Q3. I'm not sure if it would have been possible or not but I would have been in that fight.

"If you look at the laptime I did, everyone improved by around half a second from Q1 to Q2, so I think it would have been possible to be there fighting to get in to Q3."