Daniel Ricciardo said he was never going to settle for third place despite the gap to Mercedes for the majority of the Monaco Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton was over ten seconds ahead in second place with less than 20 laps to go but suffered problems with his vision, allowing Ricciardo to close the gap. However, Ricciardo said his pace wasn't a reaction to Hamilton's issues as he felt he had pace in hand to push late in the race and try to catch the Mercedes.

"You don't push for most of the race because after the first pitstop there is still a long way to go," Ricciardo said. "So you're in two minds about whether you should push or hold the guy up behind. So with about 15 or 20 laps to go I knew that the tyres would last so I started to set some quicker times. I knew that I could catch him. Knowing that it's difficult to pass here I was just waiting to see what happens. I wasn't going to just settle for third, even though that's where I finish."

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While Ricciardo enjoyed his first Monaco podium, he admitted he was still disappointed with certain aspects of his weekend that left him wondering if he could have challenged for victory.

"It's very nice to be up here. Could we have done better? I don't know, I felt that yesterday that we left a little bit of lap-time out there but after that in the race itself the start was not good and I dropped back to fifth and then Sebastian had his problems and he was slow on the straights.

"After that there was the safety car and I was pretty much just trying to maintain the gap behind me to Alonso. Then when I thought that there was enough [of a gap] I started to push and I got closer to the Mercedes at the end but around here it's so difficult to pass so I just tried to put pressure on Lewis."