Lewis Hamilton says he drove with all his heart during the Monaco Grand Prix and gave it all he could 'fairly' to try and win at the Principality.

Hamilton hounded team-mate and pole sitter Nico Rosberg for most of the race, but was unable to ever try and put a move on the sister Mercedes, dropping back in the latter stages when he had vision problems and eventually finishing 9 seconds back.

"It was a good day. It is good for the team to take another 1-2. I had great pace and felt very strong this weekend," Hamilton said after the podium celebrations.

"It is very difficult to overtake here and unfortunately Nico didn't make any mistakes."

Speaking in the post-race press conference, Hamilton added: "All the races have been very, very close [this year, between Nico and I]. This weekend I had very good pace and I drove with all my heart."

"I gave it all I could - fairly," he continued, obviously still annoyed with the way Rosberg secured pole position on Saturday, something that ultimately paved the way for the German's win. "I feel like I drove fairly all weekend," he emphasised.

"I'm quite happy and will go to the next race with even more energy and determination," he vowed.

Asked if it is now a case of 'gloves off' in the battle with Rosberg and if he is being treated fairly by the team, Hamilton replied: "Generally it is a fierce battle between me and Nico and it will continue that way until quite late in the season, I think. Nico has not had a single hiccup through the season so far and I obviously had that car problem in Melbourne. But otherwise it has been quite close. I am keeping my head up and will keep pushing.

"The team are working hard for the both of us. The team can sometimes be in an awkward position as they were today [with when to pit us after Adrian Sutil's crash]. There job is really to protect us both and they did."

Pressed on what his relationship is now with Rosberg, Hamilton noted in a separate interview with Sky Sports F1 that they are 'not friends, but colleagues'.

Meanwhile, returning to the race itself and his vision problem in the latter stages, which saw him drop back and then come under pressure from Daniel Ricciardo, Hamilton stated: "I have never really had it [a problem like this] before. I had to make sure my visor was closed as much as possible. I had quite a bit of wind coming in and then all of a sudden I had a bit of debris or dirt in my eye. I was driving with one eye which is virtually impossible to do. So, I was trying to open up my visor and clear it out, but made it worse.

"Fortunately though with five laps to go it cleared up and I was able to stay ahead of Daniel [and keep second place]."