Fernando Alonso feared his Monaco Grand Prix was over on the opening lap after having a KERS problem at the start of the race.

While Alonso got a good initial launch, his Ferrari team-mate Kimi Raikkonen passed him on the outside on the run down to the first corner. Alonso said the problem was due to a KERS issue which fortunately cleared itself later in the lap, while there was also a problem with the brakes in the closing stages.

"There were not any big problems on the car, we just didn't have the pace to challenge the cars in front," Alonso said. "But we had the pace to have a good margin to the cars behind, so that's a good thing. Our only problems were at the start when the KERS - the electric engine - didn't work. So I didn't have the power there and the power going to Casino until Turn 3.

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"The McLarens were fighting and it was not completely straight so I was lucky that nobody else overtook me. Then suddenly the electric motor starting working, so that was good news. Then at the end we had some brake problems; the car was only braking with the right brakes so we had to pull the steering to the left.

"Once you are in that position in the middle of nowhere you just try to bring the car safely home and get these points, but obviously we will try to do better next time."

And Alonso admitted the earlier problem had left him thinking he would have to stop the car on the opening lap.

"I think it was more stressful actually after Turn 1. Between Turn 1 and Turn 3 I was very, very slow. I was a little bit worried; not for Turn 3 but I was worried that I would have to retire after Lap 1."