Lewis Hamilton says he can only get stronger following his tough weekend in Monaco, as he maintains his strong belief that Nico Rosberg's qualifying incident was deliberate.

Rosberg - already on provisional pole position - ran down the escape road at Mirabeau to bring out the yellow flags and ensure that Hamilton couldn't challenge his time. Rosberg was later cleared of any wrongdoing by the stewards but Hamilton said after Sunday's race that the data was very telling to him.

"We've sat down and cleared whatever air was needed to be cleared," Hamilton said. "We've been through the data and seen what needed to be seen. I wish you guys could see it. Otherwise, we're good. It was a difficult weekend but what doesn't break you will make you stronger. I can only get stronger for this weekend, I think."

And Hamilton believes the partnership is working despite the recent increase in tension between the two drivers.

"I think it is running successfully. It's never going to be perfect because we're fierce competitors, so you can never expect us to be best friends and compete as fiercely as we do. But we will remain respectful I think. Or I will try to remain respectful."

Asked what had triggered this weekend's tension, Hamilton replied: "I don't know.

"I'm not entirely sure. It's just competition, that's we have this weekend. One weekend is one way and one weekend is another and this weekend went a direction I wasn't expecting but it's a good experience. I'm aware of it now and I'll make sure I'm aware of it for the future."


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Poor diddums Lewis, I wonder if he ever considered that others, unlike him, can make mistakes! Is this a case of paranoia or just over zealous competitiveness. Lewis should appreciate the competition Nico is giving him as unfortunately no one comes close to those silver bullets!

Give it a rest and accept that you can't win everytime!

Well done Nico

Shut up already.. As if he is 100% sure that he would get pole position... He is just full of himself... He is just good on a good car... just like Vettel. Unlike Alonso on a bad car, will still get consistent good finish. Just look a Hamilton's record. yes he is good in 2007 and 2008, but after McLaren went bad, he became ordinary... He even got beaten by Button on the same car. And in his interview about topic related to Senna, as if he is comparing that he is as great as Senna.. come on far from it....

I just hope there is a data for his " Vision Problem " for the stewards to review so we will know if it is just a lame excuse for his inability to keep up will Rosberg in the closing stages and can only barely contain Ricciardo at a time when he even admit that the so called " Vision problem " is gone.

Come on Hamilton, you can't win it all, and if you lose. take it like a man.