Christian Horner says he is not pinning his hopes on Red Bull being able to pick up the pieces of a fractious driver partnership Mercedes.

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg were central to the Monaco Grand Prix weekend as Rosberg won from pole position to retake the championship lead, with Hamilton fuming over what he believed to be a deliberate error made by Rosberg during qualifying.

With Red Bull having closed the gap to Mercedes in Monaco as Daniel Ricciardo pushed Hamilton to the flag in the fight for second place, Horner was asked if he was hoping the situation would deteriorate to the stage where Red Bull can profit.

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"Not really," Horner said. "It's part of sport and I'm just relieved it's not us for a change!"

On Sunday's race, Horner said the pace shown by Ricciardo in the closing lap was a result of the team not having to push too hard having earlier profited from some misfortune for Kimi Raikkonen.

"We set out to do our best race, and once Dan was in clear air after Kimi had picked up his puncture with [Max] Chilton on an endplate, we were just able to run our own race. Rather than going bananas - as it looked like the Mercedes guys were pushing each other incredibly hard - we just thought 'OK, let's run our fastest race'.

"We built up and up and up and then in the last 20 laps really started to push. Daniel had tremendous pace at that point of the race and was able to close Lewis down, but unfortunately round here you're never likely to overtake unless the driver ahead makes a mistake."