Williams head of vehicle performance Rob Smedley says he is pleased with the progress the team is making in terms of its issues with traction.

The start of the season saw Williams struggling with rear traction and as a result not being able to make the tyres last as long as some of its rivals. However, with Felipe Massa finishing seventh in Monaco and Valtteri Bottas having been on for an even better result on a rear-limited circuit, Smedley said he wanted the team to be encouraged by the improvements he has seen.

"I said in my review to the guys at the end of our meeting that if we're going to take a positive from the weekend ... in Bahrain and in the first few races it was all about traction and we were suffering with traction," Smedley said. "We've worked incredibly hard in lots of different areas to get around that.

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"Coming [to Monaco] we were a little bit underprepared - as I think everybody was, it's a bit unfair to say only us - for the front tyre warm-up issues that we faced. If I look back, could we have done a better job in qualifying with that whole thing? Absolutely, yes, we could have done. We'll go away and review that and we'll see what we need to do for the next races where we'll face similar issues.

"We are able to correct that. With the tools that we have and the way that we run the cars and the approach from an operational point of view we can definitely correct that. I think the positive thing is that we actually appear to be getting on top of and making inroads on the traction issues and that's a much more difficult problem to solve. Every cloud has a silver lining and I'm reasonably happy with that at the minute."

While Bottas retired with an engine failure, Smedley said he was not concerned that the issues will be frequent enough to lead to potential penalties later in the season.

"With the engine schedules we've had a quick review of that and we're still fairly comfortable. We were sensible enough to build in a lot of contingency in to the plan from day one, and that's certainly going to pay dividends now.

"So we did have contingency, we did have some fat in the back of the plan to keep for incidents like we had [in Monaco], so I'm not overly worried about that, that's fine."