Valtteri Bottas says Williams needs to quickly learn why it was struggling so much with front tyre temperatures in the Monaco Grand Prix.

Both Bottas and Felipe Massa complained of issues getting the front tyres up to temperature, as well as a number of other drivers throughout the field. However, Bottas said it appeared to him that Williams' rivals were doing a better job at warming up the front tyres quickly.

"The main thing for us to learn apart from the engine failure is that we still struggled with the front tyre temperatures," Bottas said. "Especially after the safety car I could see that some of the cars around could get their tyres to work much quicker than us - especially the fronts - so it was still an issue and we need to look at that."

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And Bottas stressed the importance of finding a solution to the problem with the next race having the potential to deliver cool conditions.

"We haven't had it this season yet. We know that in Canada it can be cold and sometimes people struggle there getting front tyres up to temperature so we really need to take some action. We know the issue so we are now working to solve it.

"The more you have downforce the more you can load up the front tyres, even in a straight line. It's easier to put energy in to the fronts, but also things like brake ducts can make a difference and mechanical set-up as well. So we are looking at all the areas."

With Massa appearing to deal with the problem slightly better than his team-mate, Bottas said he would look at whether there is anything in his driving style that may have hurt him.

"It seemed like in qualy and the race I think he still suffered with the same issue but maybe slightly less. It could be something that I also try to work on through the week, with steering inputs you can make a bit of difference. I will still analyse the race in detail to see if there's anything that I could have done better."