Marussia sporting director Graeme Lowdon says the team won't be relaxing following its top ten finish in the Monaco Grand Prix.

Jules Bianchi finished ninth in Monaco to give Marussia the first points in its history and move it up to ninth in the constructors' championship. The result gives the team a strong chance of finishing at least tenth - ahead of Caterham - in the standings to reap the financial rewards of two top-ten finishes, with its main rival yet to score a point.

However, Lowdon said Marussia can't start planning for a big payday after seeing one elude the team two seasons ago, and he said the main positive of the result was that it was earned on merit.

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"Look at the last few laps of 2012; we lost 10th place in the championship which could have significantly changed the financial future of the team," Lowdon said. "It's a long season, there's still a lot to go and as you know we're pretty down to earth ... it's still a long season and we've got to keep pushing hard and trying to move forward.

"To be honest, it's brilliant that we got this result because it's some recognition that we've improved the car, but we have improved it; this wasn't just a lucky result. That's probably more important than anything."

While Lowdon wants Marussia focus on working hard to build on the result, he warned that the next grand prix in Montreal could be one of the more difficult ones for the team this season.

"Canada is a different question because it's a unique place and certainly the more resource restricted teams don't have the luxury of building a Canada-only car. So Canada might be a different kettle of fish altogether but it's a long season and we'll just keep pushing."