Christian Horner believes Red Bull will really be able to gauge how much progress it has made at next weekend's Canadian Grand Prix.

Red Bull was clearly close to Mercedes on pace in Monaco, with Daniel Ricciardo able to close down Lewis Hamilton - who was struggling with dirt in his eye - during the final stint but ultimately thwarted in his attempts to pass. However, with the main performance deficit coming from the Renault power unit Monaco played in to the hands of Red Bull, while the high-speed nature of Montreal will be a much tougher test.

Horner admitted the team was unlikely to be as close to Mercedes as in Monaco but feels it will show just how far Red Bull has come since its struggles in pre-season testing.

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"Montreal is going to be a challenging race for us and it will be interesting to see how we fare there," Horner said. "Obviously Renault are working hard behind the scenes.

"We were much, much closer, it was the first time we've raced Mercedes this year [in Monaco] and Dan's pace; particularly in the last third of the race he was the quickest car on the track. So I think we take a lot of confidence out of that.

"But you go from one extreme to the other. [Monaco] is all about handling characteristics and the next event will be predominantly straight-line performance. So it's going to be very interesting to see how we fare against Mercedes-powered teams in Montreal."

However, Horner said performances in recent races had shown the trend that Red Bull was closing in on the championship leaders.

"We're clearly the second-quickest team at the moment and we're nibbling in to that gap of Mercedes. It's nothing short of commitment, hard work and clever design that is going to close that gap."