Kimi Raikkonen admits Ferrari is having to focus on itself rather than trying to actively chase the dominant Mercedes cars.

Ferrari has scored just one podium so far this season - courtesy of Fernando Alonso in China - while Mercedes has won every race and finished first and second in all but one grand prix. Speaking ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix, Raikkonen conceded that Ferrari was having to revise its targets and has too many problems of its own to be looking at how other teams are performing.

"It's very hard for anybody for them to challenge them for the championship," Raikkonen said. "I might be wrong about that but that's how it goes. We've seen in the past how it can change and one team is hard to beat, but our aim is to fix the things that we think are an issue and get better all the time and obviously do the best that we can every race."

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Raikkonen's season has been a disappointing one so far, with a number of different issues limiting him to a best finish of seventh place. Having had a number of clashes with Kevin Magnussen so far this season - including in the last race in Monaco - he said he had no interest in speaking to the McLaren driver about any of them.

"No, he can say what he wants in the news, that's his choice. Sometimes it goes like that.

"I didn't hit him, I just couldn't turn any more. I hit him when I reversed because he was behind me and I was stuck so I had to push him backwards a bit, but he can say what he wants. That's up to him."