Fernando Alonso says Ferrari has to make sure it doesn't compromise its 2015 car after a poor start to this season.

With just one podium from the opening six races, Ferrari sits third in the constructors' championship as Mercedes already looks set to take both championships. While Alonso says there are plenty of aspects where development of the current car will benefit Ferrari, he says the priority now has to be on next year's project.

"Whether these updates [in Canada] provide us with the results that we want or they don't, we just need to keep working on both sides," Alonso said. "This year we need to keep fighting for the important things. There is the second place in the constructors' championship, there are other targets that we want to achieve ... and then for next year we cannot do something this year that compromises next year's time with the car.

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"We need to keep developing in 2014 because many things you carry over to next year's car, but if there is something fundamental that requires a lot of time on the 2015 project then obviously we need to not take any time from that project."

However, Alonso said the arrival of new team principal Marco Mattiacci has convinced him that Ferrari has now got its priorities right.

"I'm not worried about this, to be honest. From the arrival of Marco Mattiacci I think everything is moving in the right directions. He has a good vision, a good approach - a very clever approach - and either for this year or next year we are just going to be stronger and stronger, so that's not a worry at the moment."