Lewis Hamilton says he hopes Ferrari and Red Bull remain close to Mercedes throughout the Canadian Grand Prix weekend.

Fernando Alonso was fastest in FP1 - beating both Mercedes in to second and third - and although Hamilton headed team-mate Nico Rosberg in the second session, Sebastian Vettel was within half a second as well. Hamilton said after the session that he expects Mercedes to improve but is hoping the gap to the rest isn't too large.

"It was really good but we've got improvements to make," Hamilton said. "I think for everyone - whatever their package is - we all put the car on the edge. From set-up there's a bit more to come tomorrow, but the Ferrari's look quite close, I hope that that's the truth and I hope the Red Bull's are close as well."

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When it was put to Hamilton that both teams look closer on lap time, he replied: "Yeah they do.

"We don't know what fuel level everyone is using so we will find out tomorrow."

However, Hamilton is not overly concerned that any of Mercedes' rivals will be a serious threat in the race.

"I don't think a lot has changed; we had quite a big gap to others in the past so they have not closed that up in just two weeks. We made some improvements this weekend as well, so hopefully they're closer but hopefully not too close."

And Hamilton added that pole position was likely to be crucial between himself and Rosberg on Saturday.

"It's very hard to overtake here. I saw how difficult in the last race it was to overtake so pole position for sure is important. Nico's very quick so I've got to be on it."